Stage Two

In our Stage 2 (years 3 & 4) class, students develop their ability to take positive action for well-being; relate and communicate well with others; pose questions and solve problems; make informed decisions and act responsibly. 


The curriculum further builds the essential knowledge and skills in literacy, consolidating ‘learning to read and write’ through English, as well as increasingly using literacy skills for ‘reading and writing to learn’ in other learning areas. 

In Stage 2 at BCCS several evidence-based, innovative programs are used as the basis for developing these skills.


The curriculum continues to progress the development of specific mathematical skills and knowledge, and uses these skills in learning across the curriculum to both enrich the study of other learning areas and contribute to the development of broader and deeper numeracy skills.

BCCS utilises two leading resources for the development and assessment of mathematical skills.

Other Curriculum Areas

For an overview of all of the other areas incorporated into the BCCS curriculum, see our Curriculum page.